Friday, 23 March 2012


The Aakash project has been much in news since the historic announcement launching the project in October 2011. The project is an important component of the billion dollar NME-ICT. Analysing different aspects, a fact that has come out clearly and for which the project deserves appreciation is that it has cause a stir in the tablet market. According to a recent report, low cost tabs will hold 16% of market share by 2016. Companies manufacturing PCs and tablets were, till now, focussing on the clients having surplus money to invest on high end gadgets. 70% of India was not catered to. What the Government along with Datawind has achieved by launching a product at such a low price point is that they have highlighted the needs of this "real India".
The present scenario of Indian tablet market looks good from the perspective of customers. As more and more players are emerging the heat in price can be felt as new models of tablets are emerging with more and more features and better deals with more value to your money. The current situation can be attributed to the Aakash tablet which exposed the Indian tablet market.  The new trend includes many multinational companies collaborating with Indian Local companies to launch new models of tablets.
The effect of this poject will be felt immensely in the next decade. This will be heralded as the golden period of technological advancement in the field of computer devices for the common man.

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