Monday, 19 March 2012


If you have any complaints regarding Aakash or Ubisalte7+, the commercially available device from Datawind, please post it here so that we can get it conveyed to the authorities concerned as a combined effort.


  1. when will it launch and distributed in india.... i have booked it since December 2011 but still not receaved any information.....

  2. Via ID# PZ137104 I had booked the commercial version of UbiSlate 7+ on December 15. In response to their e-mail to pay upfront for priority delivery starting February 2012, in Feb itself I had paid Rs2999 that was acknowledged by them. However, they have failed to deliver. For the fact they have not even started production of the same from their leased captive plant in Hyderabad.

    I do not think they will be able to supply the commercial version of the products in April what with the GoI taking out tenders for Akash II in the same month for 50 lakh units. This company had only delivered 20,000 units of Akash I to GoI against the order of 100,000 units and that too by import.

    I am of the opinion that this company has cheated me by advancing delivery dates. For the fact their online "Check Booking Status" has not worked for months. They must refund the advance for not having lived up to their delivery date commitment. There are better products being introduced in the market with more RAM and processors up to 1GHz.

  3. There are delays but certainly they will fulfill their commitment. If we analyse the situation from a purely business angle, the company is pretty serious about it's business,the world is watching them. The company has been named as UKs most innovative mobile company at the World Mobile Congress held in Spain, caught the headlines at the World Economic Forum summit held in Davos, has orders from Angola, is in talks with around 10 developing nations to deliver the product to them with Philadelphia being the latest country to show interest in the Aakash project. So do not worry,the company has a lot at stake. It will definitely fulfill it's commitments.