Friday, 20 April 2012


There seems to be some confusion amongst the general public regarding the difference between Aakash-2 and Ubislate7+. Let's get the things right.
Datawind developed Ubislate7 tab which was christened as Aakash/Aakash1 by the Government of India. Aakash1 was essentially a test device. Based on the feedback received from Aakash-1, the Government intends to launch Aakash-2 in May. Aakash-2 will be developed by Datawind and supplied directly to the Government. The Government will subsidise it and distribute it to the students of select technical educational institutions. Therefore, the general paublic will not have access to it.
Ubislate7+ is an Android 2.3 tab. It offers web connectivity both through WiFi as well as GPRS. It can also be used to make phone calls. Besides it has thousands of useful Apps. The device comes with pre-loaded educational content which makes it a powerful educational tool. Ubislate7+ is being sold by Datawind to the open public through it's website. Orders can be placed on The device is priced at Rs.2999/- There is an option of sending advance payments which ensures that your delivery gets prioritised. Ubislate7+ is set for an April end launch after which deliveries will begin. Those who have already sent in advance payment will receive these first.
So if you want to ensure that you get the tablet soon, go in for Ubislate7+.
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